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Primary Agent patch for ZCM

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Novell released an updated novell-zenworks-primary-agent- for ZCM 10.0.3. This new agent fixes a problem where Install Bundle Actions do not complete.


This updated novell-zenworks-primary-agent- for ZCM 10.0.3 fixes a problem where Install Bundle Actions do not complete.

System Requirements:

This patch requires ZENworks Hotfix


See section A below for steps to apply this patch to the primary agent on the servers. See B below to apply this patch to existing agents on managed Windows devices:

A. Steps to patch the primary agent on the servers:

1) On the primary server(s) that host the agent install packages, remove the original novell-zenworks-primary-agent msi from its install locations. Make backup copies of the original agent install files and copy them to a location outside of the original install location. Not removing the original files will result in duplicates.
- windows path: \Novell\ZENworks\install\downloads\msi
- linux path: /opt/novell/zenworks/install/downloads/msi

2) Copy the new .msi into the appropriate location

3) run novell-zenworks-configure -c CreateExtractorPacks -Z to create new agent installer packages

Now any device that downloads the agent will get the updated msi.

B. Steps to patch the zmd.dll on existing agents:

1) Create a File Bundle
a) In the new bundle wizard, select the File Bundle type. Then the Install File(s) category. On Step 4: Select Files, browse to the new zmd.dll and upload it. The Destination directory should be set to %ZENWORKS_HOME%\bin. Copy option: copy if newer.
b) Check define additional properties, then click Finish.

2) Create additional install actions for the File Bundle
a) Go to the Actions tab and select the install action set

3) Create a Run Script action
a) Click Add->Run Script action
b) Script to run: Define your own script
c) Script content: ren %ZENWORKS_HOME%\bin\zmd.dll *.old
d) Save file with extension: .bat
e) Click OK
f) Check the box next to the Run Script action and click on Move Up to move it to be the first action

4) Create a Reboot action
a) Click Add->Reboot/Shutdown action
b) Select action: Reboot
c) Change the other settings as desired

5) Create a File Removal action to remove the old zmd (optional)
a) Click Add->File Removal
b) Full path: %ZENWORKS_HOME%\bin\zmd.old
c) Click Add
d) Click OK
e) The File Removal action can be marked continue on failure, since this is a non-critical action. It merely removes the zmd.old file.

6) You should now have the following actions in the Install set in the following order: Run Script, Install File(s), Reboot/Shutdown, File Removal.

7) Set run once per device
a) Under Actions, select the Launch tab
b) Click options and select Run once for each device.

8) Click the Apply button.

9) Make the appropriate assignments and install schedules to apply the bundle to the necessary devices.

To verify that the patch has been applied properly, the date of zmd.dll should be 2 July 2008.