Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management v10.0.3

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Novell delivered Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management v10.0.3 . The Novell® ZENworks® 10 Configuration Management v10.0.3 architecture is built on Web services technology and provides industry leading desktop, laptop, and handheld life cycle management, all administered using a Web browser. It uses a single adaptive agent for all services and uses a database to store all ZENworks information while still leveraging your corporate directory for user-based management. By using LDAP, Configuration Management can provide both device and user-based management to existing directory customers natively (both Novell eDirectory™ and Microsoft* Active Directory*) without the need to migrate and manage the user objects. ZENworks now provides fully integrated Asset Management and Patch Management services.

For a list of the resolved issues, see TID 3486285 in the Novell Support Knowledgebase.

ZENworks 10 Configuration Management v10.0.3 is provided in three editions: Standard, Advanced and Enterprise.

Some of the issues that were discovered in the original shipping version of ZENworks 10 Configuration Management have not yet been resolved. Review the Release Readme for continuing issues. The Release Readme has been updated to indicate which issues were fixed by the update. The documentation has been updated to reflect the functionality of version 10.0.3 for ZENworks 10 Configuration Management.

Version 10.0.3 lets you manage the following devices:

  • Windows* XP Professional SP3 x86

  • Windows Vista SP1 x86, x86-64 (Business, Ultimate, and Enterprise versions only; Home versions are not supported)

Patch Management provides the following new features or enhancements:
  • An option has been added to manually start a subscription download cycle that downloads new vulnerability definitions that may have been released during the course of a day, instead of having to wait for the daily scheduled download time. After the download cycle has completed, the ZENworks Server automatically schedules all registered devices for a Discover Applicable Updates analysis on their next refresh cycle to obtain their very latest vulnerability status.

  • Sorting has been added to the Vulnerabilities tab for the Vulnerability Name, Impact, Patched, and Not Patched columns.

  • An additional warning message has been added to the Patch Management Services component to notify administrators when the patch service has not been configured. A download server and scheduled download time must be selected before any vulnerability analysis can occur within the zone.

  • Advanced options are now available within the Deploy Remediation Wizard. These options may be used to enable or disable certain patch deployment options, including Quiet Mode and Uninstall.

    NOTE:The ZENworks Agent cannot display patch deployment user interface in this release, so the Quiet Mode check box must always be selected for this version of the product.

  • On the Vulnerabilities tab, the numbers for the patched and not patched workstations are hot-linked to actionable reports. For example, the Not Deployed number is linked to the Deployment tab showing workstations that are already assigned and ready to be deployed.

  • When a vulnerability is being downloaded from the Internet, an animated download icon is displayed. The Deploy Remediation Wizard should only be used on vulnerabilities that are currently cached (blue) in this release; otherwise, the required bundle content might be temporarily unavailable.

  • The Update Cache function now provides both the initial patch download, as well as an ability to re-cache any existing patch download. This allows you to replace the content of any existing patch bundle that might have been corrupted due to system or environmental problems, such as internal ZENworks Server problems, truncated file downloads from the Internet, and so on.